Spring Clean Your Energy (Heal & Balance Your 7 Energy Centers)

The Divine Nerd

Experience powerful and deep healing in all 7 of your main Energy Centers this spring!

Please note: As we go through each energy center, we will sometimes use the word Chakra (pronounced chuck-ruh). This is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" or "disk." This description of the energy within our bodies originated over 2,000 years ago and has roots in Hinduism and Buddhism. These are ancient teachings, and we share our appreciation for their origins.

Each week, we're going to bring you a multi-faceted healing focused on one of the energy centers of your body. This healing will included:

  • A guided meditation infused with Reiki healing energy
  • An intuitive card reading, specific to the group energy and that week's energy center
  • A workbook that will both cover the energy center in detail and allow you to chart your healing progress
  • Discord chat so we can support you during your healing journey
  • TWO bonus weeks! This is a full circle experience, meaning we're going to begin with a powerful introductory week, and then after it's over, we will gather again for a closing week.

Your experience begins right after the Spring Equinox! This alignment with the Earth's transition and rebirth is going to support and enhance your healing even further.

We're going to release the introductory week (including an energy body scan, welcome workbook, intuitive reading for the overall program and introduction to the full energy system) on April 2nd. Right now, there is a pre-course bonus meditation for you to use until we begin with this first week.

The following Sunday, we will then release everything for the 1st energy center, the Root. This will build on what came before, as your introductory week will guide you through an intuitive meditation to discover the health of each of your energy centers (traditionally referred to as chakras). You're going to know exactly what soul soothing energy your Root Energy needs, and you'll be able to let that in with ease and grace.

We will continue on in this way through all 7 Energy Centers. This experience is going to be soothing, nourishing, and restore your inner well-being on all levels: mind, body, and soul. This will essentially be like taking the most relaxing and healing energy bath you could imagine.

Not only will you FEEL how much good energy you've brought in, but you'll be able to see through your workbooks what has changed since your initial energy scan. You will be able to see what you cleared, where you brought in alignment, and how the health of your entire energetic system has risen.

This is going to be a beautiful, co-creative journey! We cannot wait to see you inside.

If you have any questions, reach out to us at healing@thedivinenerd.com or contact us through our Instagram pages!

Who we are:

Melissa Field (IG: @meditate_with_melissa)

I've been creating guided meditations, energy healing workbooks, and healing courses for ten years now. I became passionate about creating my own healing audios when I realized they could do powerful things for rewiring our brains and rewriting our limiting beliefs and stories.

Crystal Mathews (IG: @the_divine_nerd)

I discovered Reiki and it's gentle, but powerful, ability to facilitate healing back in 2016. I studied and received my Reiki 1 & 2 attunements in January 2017 and have continued using it as a means to promote well-being both in my life, my children's lives, and the lives of others. About two years ago, I invested in a mediumship program to further develop my ability to receive messages from Spirit. I love offering uplifting messages to others from their Spirit team, either through what I "hear" or with the assistance of Oracle cards. I'm currently enrolled in Denise Linn's "Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader" course, and can't wait to hone my skills even more!

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Guided meditations
Reiki energy healing
Intuitive card readings
Discord chat
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Spring Clean Your Energy (Heal & Balance Your 7 Energy Centers)